Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources, formerly Arkyd Astronautics, is an asteroid mining company on a mission to mine asteroids for their natural resources for the benefit of future space exploration and for the benefit of the Earth’s GDP.  This will be accomplished through low-cost robotic spacecraft that will allow them to monitor and determine the asteroids composition that have similar orbit patterns and that are within close proximity to the Earth.

Over the years of space exploration, scientists have found that asteroids are rich in natural resources such as rare metals and water.  The water will be used to fuel and sustain future space exploration and the metals will be used to fuel Global GDP.

Planetary Resources meets all of the criteria for a good investment.  There is a market and the size is in the billions.  Planetary Resources will be the market driver in that they are the only company in this market at this time.  Government agencies such as NASA, the scientific community and universities, non-profit institutions and the commercial spaceflight sector will all be interested in the technology.  They have a good model.  Planetary Resources has the knowledge and expertise to develop the low-cost robotic spacecraft it plans to incorporate in its mission.  They have a world-class management team and a solid group of advisors, such as James Cameron, Sara Seager, Ph.D. and General T. Michael Moseley (Ret.) and first class investors in Ross Perot, Jr., Larry Page, Richard Branson and most recently, the largest construction and engineering firm in Bechtel.

Planetary Resources would be a good company to invest in.  Their team of managers, advisors and investors are all passionate about sustaining life on earth by developing technologies to extract resources from space.  The idea is intriguing and I will be very interested to see what happens next.


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