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Lively is a Seattle based creative start up company established one year ago. The team is consisted of technology person and artists. Lively’s products are high quality music video/audio shows, which are recorded in Lively’s company or collected from venues/artists. Users can download Lively from iphone/ipad/android’s app store for free, then watch live shows on the app. Now the app rates 4.5/5 on the app store on iTunes.

We can find Lady Gaga or Katy Perry’s high quality concerts in iTunes Store. However there’s groups of artists/bands who’s not super stars yet, but are still quite popular among a certain part of music lovers. The market Lively pursues is new. It seems to be similar to YouTube at first glance, but their target customers are somehow different. The specific type of people Lively serves fall into the following categories:

  • People who want to watch a high quality live show, but cannot go to a venue in person.
  • People who want to watch music shows, which cannot be found in iTunes Store.
  • People who want to watch high quality live show anytime and anywhere.
  • People who just watched a show in a venue, which is really good. He might want to watch it again so he searched on YouTube, but there’s only low quality ones recorded by other audiences.
  • Artists who want more media exposures to promote themselves and their songs.

Now Lively is penetrating into all the social media channels, they have 6,427 likes on Facebook, 9,359 followers on Twitter, and they also operate their Instagram and Linkedin account. Since it’s located in Seattle, Lively’s initial users are mostly Seattle residents. Besides, they also have a new venue in Washington DC, and recently they went to New York City to record a music show, indicating they are trying to open the market in the eastside. For the long-term, Lively wants to set a standard for live shows; giving all the music lovers an access to the show they want.

Mentioned about the competitors, as Lively is the first mover in this market, now there’s almost no direct competitor in United States, but recently there appears a similar app in UK, a different market. Although Lively’s success will probably attract copycats soon, they feel quite confident about themselves now.


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