Rusty’s Famous Cheesecake

  I’m not competing with the commodity cheesecake category, my goal is not to be the biggest company. It’s to have the best cheesecake.”

—— Rusty Federman

      “Rusty ’s Famous Cheesecake is a local, homespun artisan cheesecake bakery.” Rusty aims to create the world’s best cheesecake by using fresh, all natural, locally sourced ingredients.

The dessert market Rusty ’s Famous Cheesecake entering is an existing market. About 40% U.S. people say they will have dessert once a week or more often according to a survey conduced by Technomic Inc. on September 2012. People ranging from 25 to 34 are the main consumer group of dessert. 49% of them response yes to the question that will you have dessert once a week or more often, followed by 45% of people ranging from 18 to 24 years old. About 1/3 of the dessert market are occupied by bakery, diary and frozen dessert. Cheesecake is the most popular for dessert consumers.

The two biggest concerns for dessert consumers are “health” and “choice”. Based on the dessert marketing research, 38% people cares about health while 26% people want more choice of dessert. Considering the preferences of first families and people ranging from 18-24 years old, two main consumers occupied 90% of dessert market, high-quality and customized desserts are required. And here comes Rusty ’s Famous Cheesecake, targeting on people valuing high-quality food and being less price sensitive. The niche Rusty found in dessert market is premier market.

Fine dining, causal and family restaurants have the best opportunity to market and sell dessert. Thus, rather than reaching out directly to his end-customers, Rusty choose fine restaurants and specific wholesale groceries valuing nature food as his direct customers.Rusty ’s Famous Cheesecake reached out to their first customers by landing on the menu at St. Clouds restaurant in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood and in the freezer compartment at Freshy ’s Seafood Market on Mercer Island. After establishing its reputation by wining Best Dessert in Western Washington, KING5 TV Evening Magazine, 2012 and 2013, people start to call Rusty and order his famous cheesecake.

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Let Rusty ’s Famous Cheesecake make your high spirit even higher!  


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