Trellis is a company focused on sourcing interior finishes for large-scale residential or hospitality construction projects, such as hotels and condos.  The “interior finishes” category includes cabinets, doors, shelving, slab countertops and shower enclosures, among many other possible items.  The items are made at a factory in China then shipped to America for installation.

The company is targeting the construction and design market.  Specifically, they are going after general contractors, developers, architects, and interior designers.  In some cases architects or interior designers will specifically call for their products to be used in the projects.  In other cases a general product description will be provided and Trellis will provide bids and information to the builder or general contractor.  They will engineer products to fit their needs if they don’t currently offer what is being requested.  They are carving out space in an existing market, trying to have more efficient operations and better product selection than other competitors.

Trellis is currently in the middle of a rebranding project.  The company was originally positioned as providing local and sustainable products, but quality and pricing issues necessitated the need to move sourcing operations back to China.  They will be changing their name to Intero and position themselves as sourcing quality items from China and good prices.  They are using a variety of online and offline methods to reach their customers.  A primary channel is Builder’s Exchange, an online platform for sharing construction plans and taking bids.  Trellis finds projects here, sends the plans to the factory for estimating, then submit a bid to the developer.  They also use Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, but these efforts are minimal.  The construction industry is decidedly low-tech so the primary channel for reaching customers is word of mouth and personal relationship building.


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