Interview Profile: Lively


Lively is a one year old music/tech start-up based out of the SoDo neighborhood in Seattle. Lively is building an app and a platform for the purpose of bringing artists and fans closer together through live performances. They do this by allowing bands/artists to record their concerts and then make them available to fans in high quality merely moments after the show is over. The technology behind Lively is disrupting the way live performances are made available to fans by offering superior quality compared to the popular alternatives like fan made bootlegs and by offering a fast (yet high quality) turnaround on the recording. The process is so unique and novel that they have a patent pending on this idea. The value proposition is very clear to both the artists and the users. The artists now have a new avenue to not only connect with their fans but to also be able to monetize these live performance recordings. The users can now enjoy the show instead of being focused on their mobile devices to try and capture the moment.

The app is currently available for all major mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone and already features a lot of content from artists. Distribution for the apps is handled through the various App Stores for the respective platforms. Recordings in the app are available as audio only or video and prices range from free to $9.99 determined by the artist. There is also another mechanism utilizing “promo codes” that allows users to download shows through the app. These codes can be sold at venues (for all the shows recorded at the venue) and other locations to expand the distribution of the product.

Although Lively does not seem to be currently focused on building their own brand, they are positioned as the fast and high quality platform to record and distribute live performances. They are currently engaged in many different activities to reach their customers (the users who purchase the performances available through the app) and by far the most successful channel has been to have the artists use and subsequently promote the product. As with any content based business there is an inherent supply/demand problem and Lively has done a great job of focusing on the content supply first. They have on-boarded several artists directly and are also in talks with record labels to have more artists start using Lively. All of the artists that have content available through Lively then promote the app to their fans which leads to increased awareness. Other activities which Lively relies on is blogging (to establish credibility in the industry), social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and word of mouth.

To date, Lively has raised over $2 million in funding and is using the money to expand their platform. If anyone is going to be at SXSW, checkout any of the many shows Lively will be recording!



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