Uber PR

I have become a Uber customer since last summer and I quite enjoyed my experience so far. This personal driving service allows me to use my mobile phone to request a private driver. Uber is winning and all I hear about Uber are positive things not only because they provide exclusive service but also because of their massive media exposure.

Uber almost reached 10 thousand followers on Twitter and 25 thousand likes on Facebook. Both channels serve as major media outlets which can build virality quickly around Uber news. Promotions like helicopter rides to East Hampton for $3,000,cooperation with The Calgary Foundation, and deliver kittens to customers’ doorsteps all proved that Uber is highly engaged in the PR campaign and community development.

Uber’s PR and community management activities are more geared to raise people’s awareness and get people’s interests but as the customer group has grown rapidly I suggest Uber pay more attention to its existing customers.

In terms of the improvements I would recommend Uber start to grow its presence in Instagram as it’s the most engaged social media nowadays.


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