Gesto is focused on building fantastic guest and customer experiences in the entertainment, hospitality, and retail industries.  Gesto has developed a unique technology platform that enables businesses to effectively manage their guests’ preferences in order to deliver personalized experiences resulting in long-term, customer loyalty.  According to the Gesto website, “we believe customers should be greeted by name, should be served according to their preferences and importance and should be able to share their experiences with their friends and colleagues in tangible and meaningful ways”.

Gesto offers B2B solutions for businesses in the hospitality, retail, and entertainment industries.   Gesto’s customers utilize their platform to manage customer information and preferences.  Gesto’s customers would integrate Gesto’s technology into their own mobile or web-based applications, meaning consumers never actually see Gesto’s technology.

Gesto believes they’re operating in a new and unique market space that is “a crossover between point of sale systems, loyalty programs, and SaaS platforms” according to Steve Johnson, CEO of Gesto.  Johnson adds that the concept of “a guest and fan experience industry” is a new market that is disrupting the fan loyalty and points rewards systems markets.

Interestingly enough, Gesto wasn’t always focused on B2B .  They initially launched with a widely popular product called BarTab.  However, Johnson said they came to a pivotal point where they had to make a tradeoff between focusing on consumers or enterprises.  They ultimately felt like enterprises would offer the best long term, scalable solution that would provide the best ROI for their investors.  Johnson considers BarTab their “proof of concept” for Gesto.   They’ve since shut down BarTab, but you can find more information on BarTab’s CrunchBase profile.

As a startup, Gesto has found that the most critical factor has been working with customers that are also willing to make an investment in them.   It comes down to understanding what they’re trying to achieve and not working with customers that try to take them off course from their strategic direction.  Gesto has a great set of investors and a very strong leader.  I’m very excited to watch this company evolve and grow!


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