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DNA is a boutique marketing and staffing agency located Seattle.  It was founded in 2013 by Alexis Thomas, a veteran of marketing and sales in the alcohol beverage industry, with her partner Ozzie Lucca, combining for more than 25 years of industry experience.  They offer event staffing services in the form of brand ambassadors, event managers, and street teams.  DNA also provides event consulting for execution and development, as well as brand development.  Their past events have included automotive launching, software promotion, and alcohol beverage related events and branding.  Their promotional models interact with consumers and encourage participation during the events, as well as evangelize the product or service.

They are targeting clients that want a local solution to their staffing needs.  Currently, two large national companies partner with the largest liquor supplier, Diageo, in Washington:  MKTG Inc. and 360 Events & Promotions.  DNA offers clients an extensive local network and knowledge of the market.  The large companies tend to be removed from local trends and are less involved in the market on an ongoing basis.  Event marketing and staffing is an existing market, with the party and event planning portion of it being a $6 billion industry with no companies with a dominant market share, according to IBIS World’s September 2013 Market Research Report.  Companies rely on local talent to staff events, so large scale geographic market expansion requires feet on the ground in various markets to seek opportunity.  This primes DNA to seize upon the opportunities available in the Seattle market.  However, with low barriers to entry in regards to initial capital investment, success requires leveraging online acquisition and personal networks better than the competition.  With an extensive local network, as well as market insight into Seattle’s unique events culture, DNA is positioned to offer companies, both local and national, quality staffing and event solutions tailored to Seattle market.

DNA’s approach to staffing events is unique because of the emphasis they place on quality and not quantity. Traditional staffing agencies place emphasis about the large number of staff they can deliver regardless of the size of the event.  However, when it comes to event execution, often those numbers decrease dramatically due to staff not showing up.  DNA does not focus on selling clients on how many staff they can provide, but rather on the quality of staff.  Their team is held to industry highest standards.  They also focus prominently on program and brand education for all events, including supplemental training throughout the duration of a programs.  They currently reach clients through personal networking and referrals.  Marketing efforts are targeted at new client acquisition, with particular emphasis currently placed on improving search engine optimization.  Pricing is competitive with other agencies, and DNA has already taken business from national agencies by offering superior solutions at comparable prices.  Once the relationship has been established, DNA’s tailored event offerings improve their client retention.  An example is Microsoft, where an initial contract was signed for marketing and promotional efforts towards the Windows 8 campaign utilizing Surface Tablets.  Initial staffing started at 25 brand ambassadors, which, through DNA’s ongoing program training, was doubled over the course of 4 events.

Please check them out for your promotion and event staffing needs.



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