Crowdfunding Bandsintown

If I were a VC investor I would put my money in Bandsintown, the live music tracking app which not only solves the pain in the ass but also builds connections with users.
Bandsintown is now the NO.1 concert discovery app on Facebook and it is Facebook based and connected. The concerts and shows history will be tracked on a map so that you can look back to your life several years ago. It keeps music fans informed about local concerts and has 3.4 million unique visitors and 700,000 registered members. Once you adopted the platform on Facebook, it will help you track artists you followed on Facebook. It’s also possible to change your location and track in a different city too. Bandsintown started as a Facebook app and expanded quickly to iOS, Android.
Bandsintown targets at various genre of music lovers in the U.S.. As the U.S. has the best music scene across the globe, the market for Bandsintown is very huge. It attracts both who frequently go to live concerts and who occasionally do. With 10% live music industry growth, Bandsintown still have much space to expand and develop.
As No.1 live music discovery app for iOS and Top Developer badge for Android. Bandsintown have the best app developers and management team in the category. It is sold to mobile development firm Cellfish in September 2011 and partnered with Zippo in September 2013. With acquisition and collaboration the team has been strengthened and scaled up to a new level.


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