LineScoop Interview with Troy J Morris

Our group interviewed the Mobile Marketing Manager from DoubleDown Interactive, Troy J Morris. DoubleDown Interactive is an online and mobile gaming company. It is a no currency online gambling system. The mobile app was only introduced a year and half ago. The mobile app is only a small part of their options. Some of the games they include:  Blackjack, Bingo, Slots, Poker, Video Poker, and Roulette. The online gaming market is incredibly large spanning over 16 billion. The average lifetime for their mobile games varies, for example ⅓ of the users stop using the app after two weeks.

We started off our conversation with discussing mobile technology in general and which mobile technology is best to use i.e. Android or iOS. In general, Android system provides more freedom for the mobile app designers than iOS. We learned about why it is important to choose a certain system and he gave us different aspects to consider when deciding an app.

We then went into the pricing strategy and how to best set our price structure. Troy suggested testing the market by setting two to three different price structures, including free use and a fee of $3.00 and test the market to decide what is the best way to set our price structure. Another strategy to increase downloads; you can offer more access to games if you charge a small fee.

To get their initial customers for the mobile part of DoubleDown, they used their already existing online presence. For a new app, he recommended using a service that introduces users to the app. This service allows you to be introduced to new users in exchange for providing your own users. In other words, you exchange your user base information to this service and they send you their user base.

Initially, DoubleDown was a Facebook App and started back in 2010.  However, the initial app was failing. The creators began thinking about how they could make the app better after looking at Zynga. They began building out their own gaming structure. They started with their poker games and from there built a bingo game. They realized those who like playing slots also enjoy playing bingo and decided to incorporate bingo as one of the games they offer. They just recently released their Blackjack and Roulette. They made sure to understand their demographic and initially focused on people who enjoy playing slots and are willing to sit and play over and over again. They focus only on gambling or classic gaming.

This interview helped our group consider a variety of different aspects of implementation for LineScoop.  First, we realized a detailed analysis with our developers is critical to understand which operating system we should design first. Based on the feedback from Troy, he seemed to favor Android over iOS. Second, we concluded different ways to test monetization for our app. Since we do not have pre-existing users from an initial platform, we plan to review these strategies regularly as we proceed with the launch.  Lastly, he discussed the addition of features to your application to maintain high usage.  We plan to release a minimum viable product of LineScoop, following up with additional releases with new features to ensure users are engaging continuously with the application.


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