Profile – Black Bottle Gastrotavern

Black Bottle is an established gastrotavern in Seattle and Bellevue. In 2004, the Seattle location opened as the first gastrotavern in Seattle. Chris Linker, one of the partners of the gastrotavern, shared about the restaurant group and his experience as an entrepreneur.

The original concept and inspiration for Black Bottle Seattle was to build a restaurant bar that would offer high quality dishes, shared plate style, and value in a convivial environment. At the time of opening, this concept was untested and new to the Seattle market. The team looked to disrupt the existing market of restaurant goers. They saw their market as being one that all identified with, and I would detail the target market demographics as Seattle residents who are 20- 50 years old, urbanites, have no children or able to schedule child care (since Black Bottle is a 21+ establishment), and have a moderate disposable income.

In the first year, the partnership tested different pricing while sticking to their original concept. Regarding the concept though, in the first months of opening, Linker realized that the way customers interacted in the restaurant and their perception of the style was different from the initial vision the partnership had. Further, he recognized that rather than push the vision they had on customers, the team needed to step back and let the restaurant evolve as the customers desired.

Fast forward ten years with the growth of the restaurant scene in Seattle, Black Bottle is still in a unique position for their offerings. The emphasis has remained on quality, value, and comfort. I think their market remains the same for the most part but now includes large groups and an extension to Eastside residents. For a couple or large party in the main space or private party room, Black Bottle is for relaxation at the end of a work day or for celebration of a special event. The mood is intended to be unpretentious and communal while customers enjoy good food and spirits at a high value. Even with the increase in competition, their position is different from most new restaurants.

To reach customers, Black Bottle aims to attract and connect with customers via their website ( &, Facebook, and Yelp. The website is regularly updated with new menus and fresh graphics. They use Facebook as a casual place to inform customers about new items, events, and other announcements as well as a tool to reinforce the brand. Yelp has been utilized to connect with customers.


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