Company Description: Dinerware creates point of sales solutions for a wide variety of hospitality businesses. Its products enable restaurateurs to leverage technology to communicate and manage workflow better throughout their establishments.

Target Market:

Dinerware is a B2B company. Its self-proclaimed target market is quite broad and includes: “upscale restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, bar and grills, fast casual restaurants, counter service establishments, quick serve restaurants, hotels, casinos, cafeterias, golf courses, and wineries” (http://www.dinerware.com/aboutus#sthash.finVw5J8.dpuf). I looked at the testimonials, case studies, partnerships, and software applications highlighted by the company to further understand Dinerware’s target market. I believe that Dinerware is primarily looking to provide POS solutions for independent hospitality establishments that fall in a small band ranging from food trucks and mom-and-pop restaurants to restaurant groups with a handful of establishments.

Although there are many differences within the aforementioned range, the owners of all of these businesses are highly entrepreneurial and desire robust solutions that are easy to implement without an IT department. This target group endeavors to run as lean as possible. Funds for technology investment are likely tight and the owners are likely opposed to making more than minimal, multi-purpose, hardware investments. Dinerware’s target market also values ease-of use to enable simple and cost-effective employee training, flexibility to accommodate changing menus, and intuitive cross-platform integration to increase efficiency and ease of interaction with tech savvy customers.


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