Caring Care: Navigating Cancer Aids by Educating

Navigating Cancer is a Seattle-based company that aims to improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors by promoting engagement and education. Utilizing an online patient engagement portal, Navigating Cancer provides patients with additional options to engage their care providers throughout their treatment.

By directly engaging patients with extensive online resources, Navigating Cancer is a natural extension of today’s always-connected, online-centric culture. Targeting cancer patients and survivors by providing a holistic care, education and support environment online, backed by medicine, Navigating Cancer is helping patients and survivors cut through the myriad of medical information and advice online (often suspect) to find the care and support they need and can actually use. Tailored to a very specific target market, this may be an important service segment in the future of healthcare. An online ecosystem that provides care and support to patients and survivors of a specific illness could make it easier for patients to find and receive that care and support they need, and aid providers in getting it to them.

Employing a social media strategy that seems to focus on medical education and information, rather than generating buzz, is the appropriate tone for Navigating Cancer. Their users benefit from the sharing of actual research and resources, not publicity, and the social media outreach supports the ecosystem that Navigating Cancer has built. By publicizing research and resources using their social media presence, they are taking advantage of all the current opportunities to provide support to cancer patients and survivors.

Navigating Cancer is leveraging the increasing availability and ubiquity of online resources to engage and help cancer patients and survivors. By taking advantage of these opportunities, they are working to make it easier and less expensive to receive/provide the best care available. While the ability to provide care at a lower cost is particularly important in today’s health care environment, Navigating Cancer is improving patients’ and survivors’ ability to access quality care and support, which is what really matters in health care.


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