Company Profile: CreativeLive

CreativeLive provides a platform for experts in different fields to share their knowledge and experience with audiences around the world. Live classes are available free of charge, and attendees have the opportunity to interact with the instructors in real-time. The organization’s main objective is to make high-quality, creative education available to entrepreneurs around the world. Pre-recorded courses are also available for purchase, and so far CreativeLive has broadcast more than 600 courses to more than 2 million students around the world.

The company’s target market is creative entrepreneurs. These are individuals who are passionate about a creative art, such as photography, music, video, etc., and want to improve their skills and use them to develop their own businesses. Based on the kinds of courses that are offered, and the way they market themselves on social media, they are going after men and women between the ages of 20 and 40, who place high value on independence, creativity, and uniqueness in both their personal and professional lives. These individuals are mostly located in major cities in the east and west coasts of the United States as well as in Western Europe (mainly the United Kingdom).

CreativeLive has a very strong focus on Photography courses, since that is the core competency of one of its founders. It has gradually expanded to other areas such as video, art, design, software, business, and financial education. They have had a focused approach on creative arts, but are progressively expanding their courses to cover other relevant areas for entrepreneurs.

The organization is developing a new market by reaching creative entrepreneurs whose needs are not being fully met by traditional education. This target market is interested in learning skills that they can quickly apply to ongoing projects and business ideas, and they want to learn these skills from instructors who not only know the theory behind them, but have actually applied them and used them in the real world. Furthermore, the fact that the live courses are free make this a very attractive option for entrepreneurs who may be short on financial resources. Also, if students miss the live sessions they have the opportunity to purchase the courses and watch them on-demand.

In summary, CreativeLive is bringing a new perspective to the world of online education by providing courses that teach relevant and applicable skills for creative entrepreneurs. They do this free of charge (live course sessions), and enable students to interact with the instructors and learn about a diverse set of fields in the creative space. CreativeLive continues to grow and expand its course offerings while also gaining new students and instructors around the world.


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