Company Profile: Limeade

Limeade is a B2B healthcare company, which offers incentive-based programs to improve health and well-being in private business and state or academic organizations [1]. The crux of Limemade is a SaaS platform that improves employee-engagement within a company by measuring health status with biometrics tracking, mobilizing employee fitness with social challenges or coaching programs, and offering analytics reports and incentives such as discounted health plans. As stated by CEO Henry Albrecht, the mission of Limeade is to, “Measurably improve well-being in the world by building happy, health, high-performing workforces [2].”

As Limeade is a B2B company, its target market includes clients who are mostly private businesses or academic institutions. For example, universities or health institution customers include Penn Medicine, UMassMemorial, and Swedish [1]. In the private business sector, several customers are companies focused on healthcare or healthcare consulting. While the target market is not geographically restricted, the large success stories that have been reported on include local customers. First, Limeade’s partnership with the State of Washington resulted in the launch of the SmartHealth wellness program for local agencies and education institutions [2]. Second, Limeade’s program, Thrive, for Puget Sound Blood Center (PSBC) has been a particular point of success engaging 89% of current employees in coaching on wellness as well as improvements in three biometric measurements – blood pressure, triglyceride, and glucose [3].

Limeade is in an existing market, which is rapidly growing as personal wellness-tracking and biometrics measurements are becoming a trendy route to motivate health-conscious activities. While competing companies do exist in this space, Limeade may be one of the few to couple quantifiable health measurements with wellness coaching, social engagement, analytics, and incentives.



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