Company Profile: Navigating Cancer

Navigating Cancer provides a software platform to help engage and empower cancer patients in their healthcare. In doing so, this platform helps oncology practices treat their patients more effectively, achieving lower costs, higher patient satisfaction, and improved outcomes. Navigating Cancer is currently ranked #125 on the GeekWire 200 list of startups in the Pacific Northwest and is #8 among healthcare startups on this list.

Navigating Cancer is primarily a B2B company, selling its software platform to healthcare providers, with a focus on oncology practices. Its website lists several small- and mid-sized oncology centers and specialty clinics as its customers, indicating that this type of specialized oncology practice represents the company’s target market.

Although Navigating Cancer sells its platform to oncology practices, it depends on cancer patients as users of the platform. To achieve this usage, the platform is free to cancer patients and offers them educational materials, support from both family and the cancer survivor community, and tools to proactively participate in and help manage their healthcare.

Overall, Navigating Cancer must market both to its customers (healthcare organizations) and end users (cancer patients) in order to drive a successful business. While the platform is most useful to patients whose doctors are customers of Navigating Cancer and who can therefore utilize the full patient engagement capabilities of the platform, any cancer patient can sign up for an account and utilize the educational and community features of the platform. In this way, the company can increase its user base and leverage it to demonstrate patient demand for this kind of service to potential customers.


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