Profile: Airbiquity

Airbiquity, currently in spot #69 on the Geekwire 200 list, hopes to bring cloud-based, contextually aware technology to personal vehicles. Currently a leading provider of entertainment and information services (think streaming music and navigation) to automakers like Nissan, Airbiquity’s main product is a connected car platform called Choreo, which can already be found in 4 million vehicles around the world.

As a B2B company, Airbiquity primarily targets automotive OEMs with its current platform offering, which can be customized for each car model. The company’s future vision of connected cars that adapt to drivers’ habits and lifestyle targets a market of drivers that want to stay connected while in their vehicles, and who may also expect their cars to be intelligently safe and fuel efficient.

Connected car technology (or “automotive telematics technology” as the company calls it) is still at a very early stage, and is one of the pioneering examples of an even more nascent industry– the Internet of Things, or M2M, where devices connect and share information in order to extend computing away from the desktop (and beyond mobile in some cases). Given the fledgling state of this industry, the addressable market size for Airbiquity is still a wild approximation, but competition from companies like Google, Intel, Microsoft, AT&T, and many small startups suggests that interest is already burgeoning.


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