Qumulo is a Seattle based enterprise data storage startup . Consumerization, Solid State Drive(SSD) Technology and Commoditization are the three major trends in enterprise IT now. But, they bring with them the problem of managing & scaling the storage solutions. Qumulo is well positioned to address this growing market need of a “simple , scalable and efficient” solution to data storage. The architects of Qumulo founded the Isilon OneFS distributed file system that was acquired by EMC for $2.25 billion.

Qumulo is a B2B venture targeted at the $35 billion enterprise data storage market. The data storage solutions today heavily rely on monolith technologies like SCSI and RAID that do not scale well as large enterprise storage systems. Qumulo aims to disrupt this market where enterprise IT generates and deals with massive quantities of data coupled with storage complexities from virtualized workloads.  .

Qumulo deals with large scale storage solution. Hence, its target customers will be large scale “big data” companies tired of the unmanageability of SAN, NAS and FAS. IBM , Dell and Hitachi already dominate the Storage solution market while EMC leads with 25%  of the market share. Qumulo competes directly with these giants with the promise of a  better and more improved approach than what these leaders provide.  Although Qumulo has a modest but growing social media presence, with diligent twitter feeds and a branded Facebook page, they are yet to establish their social media channels to expand product and brand recognition or drive profitability.

Qumulo is in quasi-stealth mode now and is creating the right buzz as an “Enterprise Storage Startup Recognized for Technological Innovation, Management Strength and Massive Market Potential”. It will be interesting to see how they transform an emerging technology into a market leader to manage and curate data for Enterprise IT.


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