Simply Measured: Social Media Analytics

Simply Measured is a B2B social media analytics company based out of Seattle. Founded in 2010, Simply Measured provides one-stop solution for measurement and reporting of social media data and trends originating from a variety of sources. The company won the Startup of the Year at the 2013 GeekWire Awards and has recently raised $20 million in Series C funding.

Social Media Marketing has been slowly gaining traction and is now considered as a must-have medium in the mix of marketing channels. A recent study of social media adoption indicates that 80% of Fortune 500 companies have presence on Facebook and Twitter and the trend is expected to rise going forward.

Despite the widespread popularity, not every marketer gets how to use the social media and, more importantly, how to measure its impact on company’s bottom line. That’s where Simply Measured enters the picture. It provides marketers an in-depth measurement and reporting across their owned, earned and paid social media e.g. profile analytics, cross channel analysis and competitive analysis to name a few.

Social Media Analytics is beginning to become a crowded place with a plethora of new startups joining in to have a piece of $2.73b (by 2019) pie. Simply Measured’s point of differentiation in the crowd appears to be in the simplicity of its reporting. Starting from company’s name itself, ‘simple’ is the recurrent theme in company’s marketing messages.

The company appears to be going after a general ‘social media marketer’ segment which is considered to be not as sophisticated in dealing with the data as the data scientists usually are. The price point for a basic subscription starts at $500/month and appears to be targeted at medium to large businesses. In the presence of many free and low cost alternatives, smaller businesses may not get attracted.


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