Company Profile: SNUPI Technologies

SNUPI Technologies is a sensor and services company focusing on home safety, security, and loss prevention. The technology was developed by the University of Washington and Georgia Tech to provide homeowners with a simple way of maintaining a healthy home. SNUPI Technologies provides a consumer friendly, state-of-the-art sensor network that monitors changes in moisture, temperature and humidity to give homeowners intelligent insights into the health of their home.

In addition, SNUPI developed the WallyHome system which pairs a Hub with wireless sensors, placed near appliances or in hazard-prone spaces, to create a seamlessly connected smart home platform. With the web and mobile app dashboards, users receive detailed information about their home including temperature and humidity readings, along with water leak alerts.

As a B2C company, it seems that SNUPI Technologies targets young tech-savvy homeowners who care about the safety and security of their home.

In 2011, 14 million homeowners suffered from damage due to water, freezing and mold, which resulted in $11 billion in property loss.

You can learn more about SNUPI by visiting their website


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