Mind Snacks: Value Proposition and Positioning

Company: Mind Snacks

At first glance, Mind Snacks’ value proposition appears to be that the product allows you to gain knowledge, “feeds your brain,” through fun phone game applications. The home page exclaims “Games for your brain” and uses elaborate cartoon icons to represent the different topics/categories of games that the company offers. It is also very clear that the games are applications for smart phones because there is a giant picture of a smart phone on the home page.

After looking through the descriptions of some of Mind Snack’s games, I have created the below positioning statement for the company:

For Students of all ages, Mind Snacks are the most fun educational gaming applications that deliver facts, ideas, and concepts (on a variety of subjects) because Mind Snacks’ games are the most engaging, sophisticated, and content rich learning apps ever designed.

I think that Mind Snacks has done a good job of aligning the company’s value proposition and positioning statement. I did notice that the vocabulary used in some of the application descriptions was relatively sophisticated and would not be appropriate for all ages. I think that the site is likely trying to speak simultaneously to the purchaser, through the text, and the application user, through the character images. Sometimes the purchaser and the user may be the same person.

Check out the company website: https://www.mindsnacks.com/


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