Beep: Value Proposition and Positioning

Company: BEEP


This company created a specialized device that controls any kind of speaker via Wi-Fi in order to provide perfectly synchronized high quality audio in all or just some of your speakers. All control can be made from your phone or tablet using your Spotify or Pandora app or from a microphone included in the device. The idea is to let you communicate with your computer in any room of your house given that this device is build over a platform with an open source operating system in order to motivate developers to create more apps.

Value Proposition

Beep is a wireless device that “makes your speakers intelligent” by giving you the power to perfectly synchronize music in every room of your home without streaming problems. It is also designed to let you communicate with your computer through its included microphone.

Positioning Statement

For all those music enthusiasts, Beep is the system that delivers wireless high quality audio without interruptions in your home because Beep, uses a unique platform and technology that is not only reliable and simple to use but affordable.

I think that the product is awesome, furthermore the simplicity on the language that they are using in their web page is totally dedicated to educate the early adopters in to this new way of listening and controlling music at home. All this is complemented perfectly with some videos that enhance the experience and show how the product works.


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