Blog Assignment #2

Look at and pick a company in your product’s general market that you have never heard of before.
–What does their Value Proposition say to you initially?
–What does their positioning seem to be when you read more about them?
–Does their Value Proposition match their Positioning?

One thought on “Blog Assignment #2

  1. ClassWallet: Value Proposition and Positioning


    Venture Description:
    In summary ClassWallet is an e-tool specifically focused on school teacher for them to collect, manage, buy and track resources to help their class projects.

    Value Proposition:
    ClassWallet website explains that school teachers have a wide variety of tasks and among those tasks are collecting, administrate, spend and track those funds making their job very difficult, without forgetting that the collecting task can be even more difficult due the fact that there are checks, cash and wire transfers, all this causing major distraction for the teachers from their main purpose which is teach.

    So ClassWallet can be defined as an e.assistant for teachers, allowing them to focus in teaching and making their finance really easy.

    After considering various options and reading their website several times I think this could be a good approach to their positioning:

    For Teachears of all USA, ClassWallet is the e-finance tool that delivers an easy to use e-platform to collect, administrate, spend and track their class funds because only ClassWallet enables teachers to do all in one site and be focused to teach

    Although the barriers to entry are low and there may be other apps that without being so specific (only for teachers) could do the same. ClassWallet has a comprehensive language for their segment and this may allow them to acquire a good market, plus they really know and detail the situation and problems they are trying to solve.

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