Butterfleye – Google’s Nest meets Dropcam

Butterfleye is a wireless home surveillance camera that’s joining the growing ranks of intelligent, smartphone connected webcam systems designed to keep watch while you’re out and about. In addition to allowing you to check in on a live video feed whenever you like via iPhone, this smart camera comes equipped with a thermal sensor, motion detector, and facial recognition technology. [1]

Butterfleye is also aiming to integrate the camera into the smart home ecosystem by collaborating with developers for connectivity with additional 3rd-party software and devices. The company says its Active Eye Technology suite will eventually work with devices like the Pebble smartwatch and Jawbone Jambox, as well as intelligent lighting systems. At launch, Butterfleye will work with the iPhone only. [1]

The target audience for our portfolio of product are a lifestyle audience, who would be interested in a blend of cutting edge technology and chic fashion trends. Though butterfleye does not focus on the fashion or retail industry, it is a lifestyle product which shares our same target audience. They intend to do service this audience by bringing an element of style and usability into the domain of video surveillance and home monitoring.

The company’s value proposition in angel.co which reads as ‘Google’s Nest meets Dropcam’ is ambiguous to say the least. I believe their assumption in using such a value proposition is that everyone knows about google nest and dropcam. But many a times, that is not the case. For example, even though I am an active follower of startups and technology, I did not have any clue about what dropcam does apart from some educated guesses. So in many aspects, their initial value proposition falls a bit short to convey anything meaningful in my personal opinion.

Butterfleye does not have a secondary tagline as a positioning statement. On doing a deeper research, I got a feeling that the company’s positioning statement is overshadowed by their effort to promote testimonials about the product. Though testimonials are a great means to get the attention of the audience, in this context it does not make sense because the audience have a very limited understanding of the product before they are exposed to the testimonials. The company’s positioning statement reads as below –

We are the only monitoring camera that offers a smart ActiveEye platform, is cordless; records and streams the highest quality true HD video and has built-in storage.

Butterfleye’s Active Eye feature uses a learning algorithm combining video analytics and multiple sensors to detect movement, light, sound, and heat. It learns your daily behavior, using iBeacon and WiFi to stay alert when you’re away and recognize you when you come home. Instead of recording an empty room, we recognize when there’s an important event that needs to be captured.

The company’s product positioning statement does a good job of elucidating their product’s features and the crucial differentiating factor. Further, it goes on to explain that differentiating factor really well as well. However, I believe by attempting to position their product to a broader audience, Butterflyeye has made it a little unclear as to who exactly is their target audience. This might lead to the reader questioning whether this particular product is really meant for them. I think by including certain phrases like home monitoring or security to the statement, they would probably be able to give a clearer picture to the reader about the intended use and the specific pain point that is being solved.



[1] http://www.gizmag.com/butterfleye-smart-surveillance-camera-iphone-home-security/32201/


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