PillPack: Making medication simple

PillPack is a mid-stage startup company tackling the challenge of medication management. Targeted at individuals with chronic diseases who take multiple medications, PillPack provides medications in convenient, pre-packaged doses that are delivered directly to the customer’s house. As highlighted in the video below, this process (1) ensures that customers receive their medication refills when they need them, (2) helps customers take the right medications at the right time due to the convenience of the pre-packaged doses, and (3) makes it easy for customers to remember whether or not a dosage has been taken, based on the date and time printed on the dose packs. PillPack provides this “full-service pharmacy” all at the same co-pay price that is charged at other traditional pharmacies, providing a significant benefit to the customer for no added expense. PillPack’s value proposition can be summarized by the simple statement on its website: “Medication Simplified.”

PillPack’s positioning statement is also communicated through the details of its website. Specifically, the “Our Pharmacy” section of the website states that PillPack is a “modern pharmacy with old-fashioned values,” and that “service is at the heart of everything we do.” PillPack states, “Our vision is to make managing medications simple. We want to ensure that everyone is on the optimal set of medications, that it’s easy to take those medications correctly, and that clear, understandable medical information is always readily available.”

Through the written information, images, and videos on PillPack’s website, the company clearly communicates its value proposition to its customers and positions itself strongly against the traditional pharmacies in the market. The biggest question that I have is how well this online presence is actually reaching the company’s target customers, since most people taking multiple medications are older adults who may not be active online. I believe this challenge is solvable, however, through a combination of offline marketing materials and online marketing materials that target the children of elderly adults. Overall, I am excited about the future of PillPack and the impact it can have on the lives of those who rely on medications to stay healthy—which will include most of us, at some point in our lives.

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