CodeHS – Value Proposition and Positioning

Code HS Logo

“CodeHS is a site which will introduce you to programming and computer science principles. It is built for complete beginners, and you learn by watching videos, working in the browser, and then getting help and feedback from real people who know this material. Students who sign up for a membership will gain access to all CodeHS content, including all videos, example code, programming exercises and challenges.

Learning to program can be challenging, and most students get stuck along the way–but CodeHS is the only site where you can get the help you need to keep going. Every basic member gets help on the first module free and has the opportunity to purchase help on additional modules. Premium members get unlimited help on all modules without additional purchase.”


Initially, the value proposition of CodeHS looked to me like a toolkit (with tutors) to start teaching Computer Science skill set.

Their positioning is a pretty interesting one. Initially it seemed like they were targeting teachers. But later on reading more, I realized it is specifically targeting Students (especially Beginners) to learn Computer Science skills. But the school should have an account for CodeHS.


The value proposition of CodeHS on their website is slightly different and is still not in line with the Positioning. But on, it doesn’t match. The value proposition according to CodeHS website is “CodeHS is a toolkit for beginners to learn computer science skill set”. The value proposition doesn’t match the positioning. At least in the way they phrased it.

The reason I chose this product/service is “LifeBox”, the product we are currently working on is a toolkit for all basic life skills.


More about CodeHS here:


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