FIGS: “100% Awesome Medical Apparel” With a Social Twist

FIGS seeks to fill a need in the medical apparel niche by providing “fashion forward” scrubs for medical professionals. It also provides a social benefit with its “Threads for Threads” program, under which the company gives one set of scrubs to a healthcare provider in need in a resource-poor country for each set it sells.

At first blush, this company’s value proposition appears to involve providing scrubs that are more stylish than the current industrial-flavored fare. It adds to this by providing a very real service to medical providers around the world, which appeals to consumers who might look upon these providers as part of their community, doing the same work under very difficult conditions.

Upon closer inspection, the Threads for Threads program appears to be something the company takes very seriously. It has many partners, and devotes a fairly large amount of its attention to this project.

As for the positioning of its scrubs, its images focus on youth, action, and comfort. To me, as a non-health care worker, the clothes all look pretty much the same. However, the company focuses quite a bit on comfort. The quality of the fabrics and the fit of the clothes are major points of emphasis. I can see why this would hold enormous appeal for people who spend the majority of their waking lives in these outfits.

Does FIGS’ value proposition match its positioning? I would say so. Although the definition of “fashion forward” in the medical apparel industry might be somewhat different than it is on 5th Avenue, the focus on comfort, quality, and social responsibility is consistent and appealing.      

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