First Opinion – Connecting Moms with Doctors via text

First Opinion is a start-up geared towards developing a tool to facilitate seamless communication between patients and physicians. A major challenge in healthcare today is the frustration of visits to a physician’s office, and gaps in communication between that may lead to a perceived disconnect from healthcare providers. First Opinion is tackling this challenge by developing a text-based app that connects customers to practicing doctors 24/7. This app allows for instant answers (the company claims a physician response time of 9 minutes) without having to schedule an in-person appointment. The service is free, and a premium version is offered for customers who want even faster response times.

First Opinion’s value proposition is really the around-the-clock, instant and personalized connection to a practicing physician. As advertised on their website, First Opinion provides “Answers 24/7 in 9 minutes or less.” This kind of text-based service adds unique value to the market by offering an application that improves patient accessibility to physicians and demystifies and removes stigma often associated with doctor’s office visits.

While First Opinion is translating to all categories of patients, the company initially positioned itself to reach out to new and expectant moms. Through the video published on and the content of their website, the company seems geared towards promoting women’s health. The topics covered in the “Popular Questions” and “Health Blog” sections of their website, First Opinion seems to be positioning itself to be ideal for patients interested in women’s sexual and reproductive health as well as infant health.

As First Opinion transitions to servicing a diverse range of customer, it may need to focus on developing web content that positions the company as providing a service for all patients. For now, through the video, testimonials, and web content – First Opinion is able to convey cohesion in its value proposition and positioning as a tool to connect women with physicians.


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