iDomotics – Connecting and Automating the Home

iDomotics aims to bring the fully connected home to the masses. Founded with the goal of bringing robotics and home automation into people’s everyday lives, iDomotics is creating “an entire new experience between you, your smartphone, and your home.” The subject of a connected, automated home has been a major topic in technology development over the past few years, and iDomotics is positioning themselves as a total home solution.

iDomotics is trying to provide a simple, accessible, total-home automation solution to retail customers. Rather than focusing on only one type of appliance (i.e. lighting) like many competitors, iDomotics looks to connect your entire home utilizing connected personal devices as the controlling hub. Their value proposition is that they provide a simple total-home solution to homeowners seeking to connect and automate their entire home.

Looking deeply into their product mix, iDomotics seems to be taking the focused approach to their positioning. At this point, not all homeowners are interested in fully automating their homes, and iDomotics appears to be focusing on those customers that are ready, willing, and able (financially) to take that step.

A potential positioning statement for iDomotics could read similar to: For connected homeowners, iDomotics is the home automation system that easily connects your entire home, because only iDomotics provides a total-home connectivity solution that can be easily installed and scaled to fit the changing needs of the 21st-century homeowner.

iDomotics’ value proposition and positioning seem to be clear and in-line with each other. The impression you get upon the first glace of their product is the same as the impression you have after you’ve taken a deeper dive into their products and services. They seem to have a clear vision of what they are and where they’re going, now they just need their customers to follow them into the connected future.


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