Misfit Wearables

Misfit Wearables as a company is trying to humanize the wearable technology space. Their product vision is to make wearable accessories that are intuitive and easy to use. They are involved with designing both hardware and software exercise monitors and fitness trackers- wearable sensing, wearable feedback gadgets, wearable identity and payment technology.  In the age of the “quantified self,” they help their customers to wear their tech and crunch their own personalized versions of big data. They face direct competition from brands like Fitbit, Nike, Bodymedia and Jawbone.

Misfit’s Value Proposition is pretty clear. They makes elegant Fitness and Health monitors that are very much wearable. They promise to deliver “sporty, durable and fun” high-performance products with a no compromise approach to simplicity. The market segment is the affluent health-conscious customer who is cautious of making a style statement with her accessories.

Misfit has positioned its suite of products in alignment with the original company vision and value proposition. Misfit’s gears are not only functionally brilliant but also, visually stunning. They do not use plastic or rubber for their gadgets, rather, the gadgets are made from aircraft grade aluminum. The gadgets are water resistant and boast a long battery life (6-8hrs). Misfit makes it very easy to sync data with other devices. They use a proprietary technique of data transfer (to any iOS 5 device) that doesn’t require cables, charging stations, Wi-Fi – or even a Bluetooth connection. Misfit’s products can be easily concealed, yet attractive and well-built delivering on accuracy and precision.


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