Ryde Bright – Value Proposition and Positioning Statement

Ryde Bright – Value Proposition and Positioning Statement

What does their Value Proposition say to you initially?

  • When I initially saw the company on Angel.co, my initial impression of their value proposition was safety; incorporating lights into a motorcycle jacket would significantly improve visibility of a rider at night.
  • This initial impression was not well supported when first visiting the company website. The tagline you first see is, “This isn’t just a motorcycle jacket. IT’S A MOVEMENT.” The line “IT’’S A MOVEMENT” is what is confusing. This sounds like the jacket is more for personal style and the lights will just do something psychedelic.

What does their positioning seem to be when you read more about them?

  • As I watched the video on angel.co, there is more to the product is supposed to do. There is a wireless interface that is supposed to sync the lights of the jacket to the function of the motorcycle. This same interface also serves as a charging mechanism for both the jacket and your cell phone.
  • Though this information was presented on angle.co, the company site itself did not support the same understanding. The apps section talks about a raffle ticket and not an app, the technology section talks about installing the product and not what it does, the product section does not present the same features as the video, and the about us section is just pictures of the founders and nothing about the company itself.
  • My understanding of their positioning:
    • They are targeting motorcycle riders, this is very vague
    • Their frame of reference is as a motorcycle-safety clothing company
    • Their point of difference appears to be improved safety
    • Their reason to believe is not just the lights but the interface, although it is unclear as to what that interface actually does

Does their Value Proposition match their Positioning?

  • Their value proposition does in theory match their positioning, but they are both very vague. I think the only reason I am able to take away where the company is positioned is because I was trying to figure it out. These two concepts should be obvious when visiting the company website, they should jump out at you; Ryde Bright is currently making me work for it.

Aleem Wali
MBA Candidate, Class of 2016
Foster School of Business, University of Washington


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