SmartThings – Home Automation Done Right!

SmartThings is a home automation based startup from Washington, DC. They offer products that let you “protect, monitor, and control your home … from anywhere” with a single app e.g. monitor and control the lights, doors, potential water leakage etc. As a result, you have a “safer and smarter” home.

According to Transparency Market Research, Home Automation Market is expected to reach 16.4 billion by 2019. Therefore, it is no surprise that lots of startups are entering this market with very similar product offerings centered around the theme of letting you monitor and control your home. However, what sets SmartThings apart is its compatibility with a wide range of products at an affordable price with hassle-free installation, as evident from the following CNET review:

“With easy-to-install sensors, wide product compatibility, and no monthly fees, SmartThings gets home automation right.”

SmartThings has done a great job in telling a simple and consistent story throughout their website and product collateral. Their value proposition is completely in line with the positioning – even the graphics on the website tell a consistent and a compelling story of why someone needs home automation and how only SmartThings is doing it right.


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