The soccer destination for US fans is an online portal that provides news and information about soccer. Their goal is to be the soccer destination for fans in the US by providing them with relevant information and an enjoyable way to stay up to date with the most important events in the world of soccer.

By visiting their website I was able to get updated on the most important soccer events of the day. Along with articles the site includes links to soccer-related videos, images, and quotes. For example, the page included a video to the top goals of Premier League week 8, and also a quote from Louis Van Gaal after today’s Manchester United game. Their site also offers users many opportunities to get involved by commenting on, and sharing posts. includes MLS, Premier League, Mexican League, Champions League, and women’s professional soccer news sections.

In my opinion their value proposition matches their positioning. They offer an enjoyable way for US soccer fans to stay informed while also offering them interesting and entertaining videos, images, and quotes. Additionally, they focus on leagues that are of high relevance for fans in the US (English Premier League, Spanish League, Mexican League), and have a section dedicated to fans of women’s soccer.


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