SportChaser is the website that connects all sports fans to sports bars by locating which bars are broadcasting their preferred sporting events. They provides sports fans with a detailed search engine where they can find their favorite team’s game. Once having chosen their game, fans are able to find the right bar taking in consideration bars’ TV schedule and the atmosphere the fans want to be surrounded by while watching their game.

They appear to be positioning themselves as a social website that helps to bring people together based on their common love for soccer. From the website images/graphics, it appears that they are focusing more on the male population though it was irony to see that they were actually founded by two girls living in New York City who were having a hard time locating bars for their favorite spots.

It had also initially appeared that they are catered to either fans living in all parts of the USA or globally. However, upon closer view, they are only able to facilitate searches within New York City only. It has an element of mismatch expectation for me as what I had first thought of it is that the service is broader than just one city alone. Probably should have been clearer in their website at the beginning to eliminate disappointment upon closer search.

Having said that, their positioning does match their value proposition mostly, albeit for the male-only representation on their website versus to their elevator pitch of “all sports fans”.


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