Edyn grew (pun intended) from a Kickstarter campaign that promised a garden monitoring system that delivers data and insight into soil conditions, and suggests ideal crops and planting times. Today, after more than $384,000 in pledges (well over the $100,000 goal) that product has developed into a monitoring and automating system with distribution agreements at Home Depot for Spring 2015.

Edyn’s value proposition is making gardening easy. By sending environmental condition reports from the soil sensor to your smartphone, Edyn allows you to know what’s happening in your garden. It makes gardening simple by automating watering to when your soil needs it, and by suggesting what type of crop will flourish in your conditions.

This is a system that clearly has traction. In addition to the Kickstarter fundraising, Edyn has been covered by the New York Times, Bloomberg, Wired, TechCrunch, etc. It also gained huge momentum via Facebook posts (you might even say it went viral). The audience of these channels hints at who this system is targeted to. Novice gardeners who also happen to be gadget-savvy and can afford $250 systems are the primary targets. Experienced gardeners or farmers who run small-scale commercial gardens (and who still shop for their systems at Home Depot) may be a future market, based on Edyn’s marketing.

Given the fundraising channel, media coverage, images and messaging on their website, I would venture that Edyn’s positioning statement is something like this: “For new and experienced gardeners who wish they better understood their gardens, Edyn provides the only tool that monitors conditions and automates watering.” That seems pretty in line with their value proposition, but until they actually release a product and begin real marketing, it’s difficult to know for sure. Either way, I want this product for myself! Especially the future version that weeds for you.


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