Wanderu – Travel for the next generation.

“Wanderu is the simplest way to find and book bus and train travel from point A to point B. We are the leading marketplace that drives sales to the $20.6 billion North American ground travel market. Wanderu will dominate the ground travel space and use the advantage of our consumer search which Millennials love and low customer acquisition costs to develop the travel brand for the next generation”

–What does their Value Proposition say to you initially?

Wanderu’s Value Proposition gives me the impression that Wanderu provides an easy and convenient way to search and book intercity train and bus rides over North America at low costs. It seems that Wanderu is the Orbitz, Travelocity, or Kayak of massive ground transportation.

–What does their positioning seem to be when you read more about them?

They positioning seems to be:

  • They are targeting Millennial and future generations who are more likely to use intercity ground transportation in North America.
  • They remove the pain at surfing multiple websites for evaluating what is the best route at the best price for intercity traveling.
  • There are no other competition in the market

–Does their Value Proposition match their Positioning?

Yes, their Value Proposition matches their positioning. Their positioning could be rephrased as such: For Millennials, Wanderu is the simplest way to find and book ground transportation because only Wanderu provides searching, discovering, and booking of ground transportation in North America.


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