Social Media, Advertising of a Product or Service and Moving down the Funnel:

PRODUCT:, for Americans sport fans is the way to get events tickets among other amazing sites or possibilities. For Mexicans, like me, doesn’t exist in our country so the way to get them is to rush on sales day or buy them in the black market and when we come to the United States is either, concierge services or

How did you hear about the product initially?As soon as I knew I was coming to Seattle for an exchange program I looked for Packers @ Seahawks NFL opening season game. My first search was on, and to browse for ticket prizes and do so benchmark. After that search all my Facebook entries, google searches and sport related sites started to show something called, which at that time I didn’t know, the interesting thing was that all the adds show the game I was interested in or NFL games, targeting specifically I wanted or the game I was looking forward to attend.

How long did it take you to go from hearing about the product/service to actually purchasing? After my first entry to to browse the site and calling some friends for referrals I entered the site again to check seats availability plus comparing prizes and sites friendliness with, and I noticed the prizes where not much different but the availability in was quite better and the detailed information from was exceptional, but the thing that got me really interested was the ticket delivery options. After those 2 or 3 entries I got fixed with options to finally make a purchase (after other 2 or 3 more entries), but I had to admit I randomly checked for “better prizes”. Long-story short, I ended up buying the tickets from after 5 entries in their sites, what really delayed my purchase was the prizes/seats section comparison among their options.

What were some other forms of marketing that moved you from awareness to purchase? As mentioned before since my first search, without considering, their ads started to show up in my google searches, Facebook entries and the sport websites I go to daily and that got me interested to see what they offered; after that what really helped me was my friends referrals that explained me how it works and lastly their website which I find out really detailed and friendly to users.

After that first purchase I have bought tickets for MLB Athletics @ Mariners and Cowboys @ Seahawks right straight from without considering the previous options I used before. All three purchases have earned me “Stubhub Points” for my following purchase, which is really cool since it is a good discount and is something that Ticketmaster, Craiglist and doesn’t have… In the end another plus for


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