Oxi Clean

Oxi Clean is a stain fighting detergent that “tackles stains—inside and out.” I first heard about Oxi Clean as a young adult. I remember seeing infomercials for the product periodically throughout junior high and high school. The infomercials were always the same and they demonstrated the stain fighting power of Oxi Clean. The product also had a memorable slogan: “Bam! That’s Oxi Clean.” These infomercials aired on one of the seven public television stations that I had at my house.  These extended advertisements helped me develop strong brand awareness for Oki Clean at an early age.

At the time of my exposure to the Oxi Clean infomercials, I was not part of the target market for the product. My mom still did my laundry and made all of the laundry detergent purchasing decisions. Now that I have grown up, I make my own laundry/stain fighting detergent choices and have thus moved more into Oxi Clean’s target consumer pool.

About a month ago, I made my first purchase of an Oxi Clean product. I sat on the grass in my new white shorts and ended up will grass stains all over them. After trying the pre-wash detergent that I had in the cupboard, and failing to remove the stains, I went on a quest to find a more powerful stain removing detergent. At the grocery store, I found an overwhelming number of options on the shelf, one of which was an Oxi Clean product. I remembered the stain fighting success I had seen on the infomercials years before and the brand recognition made me feel more comfortable purchasing the product than one of the other unfamiliar options. Although the conversion time was very slow, more than ten years, I admit that the strong brand awareness that I developed from the infomercials significantly impacted my decision to buy the product when the need for a strong stain fighter arose.

Oxi Clean did not have to do a lot to move me from the introduction stage to the purchasing stage. It planted the seed of awareness early and just had to wait for me to age into the purchasing role and encounter a tough stain. More specifically, the only other way I interacted with the brand was by hearing on the news that the spokesman for the brand had died. Now that I have tried Oxi Clean and successfully saved my favorite white shorts, I am likely to purchase Oxi Clean products again without further prompting from the brand.


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