From awareness to purchase:


It’s an Internet based travel website headquartered in Cancun, Mexico. It books airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises and vacation packages. All the prices that they promote are with taxes included therefore helping you when you are on a budget. They have routes available all over the world.

  •  How did you hear about the product initially?

I saw a commercial on the TV that was claiming to have extremely cheap flight fares to great destinations. And to be honest I found it really interesting that an online company used this advertising strategy through TV. I had my laptop with me so I Googled about it and found great reviews from previous users in Trip advisor and other blogs so I decided to try the web site, which I found really easy to use and friendly. Furthermore I compared the fares to other websites and they had always the best options.

  • How long did it take you to go from hearing about the product/service to actually purchasing?

 About a month after I first knew about the website I had to plan a trip and decided to use this platform to make my reservation, compared prices with 3 other options available online (Kayak, Expedia and and at the end I was convinced I got the best deal. This research took me about 1 day and after I made my purchase the whole service experience went just great.

  • What were some other forms of marketing that moved you from awareness to purchase?

 After my first purchase to I have been receiving emails with promotions and deals on trips and flights. Also on my Facebook feed I can see them appearing with some ads. After I bought my tickets to come to Seattle, I’ve been receiving targeted email with promotions on flights inside the US. In addition I was able to sign in to receive notifications on low prices for flights to Paris. And on my last visit to the webpage through my phone I was invited to download the Mobile App, which I found great and really helpful.


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