Jawbone’s Big Jambox


The first time I heard about the Jawbone Big Jambox was through a commercial. I already owned a Jawbone Bluetooth headset and when I heard they had also created a set of wireless speaker, it definitely caught my interest. Although, when I first looked at the product, Jawbone was only offering it in three colors and styles, none of which appealed to my personal taste.

Following the initial conversation through advertising, I was not sold on the product and waited until I started seeing it in other locations; my sister got one and Sprint started selling them at retail locations. This second sighting reignited my interest and was also about the time when Jawbone started running ads highlighting newly customizable colors and patterns for the Big Jambox. This second product-offering prompted me to revisit the website and purchase my customized Big Jambox.

So it took me through a second product-offering and Jawbone fully establishing the Jambox’s capabilities before I returned to the site and purchased the product; this probably totaled six months of calendar time. I was most likely in the Early Majority phase of Big Jambox’s product adoption curve.

Thinking back about it now, the things that really moved me from awareness to purchasing the product were advertisements highlighting the sound quality and customizable colors/styles, market penetration and partnering with other businesses I use, and a relatively easy-to-use interface to customize and purchase my Big Jambox.

Aleem Wali
MBA Candidate, Class of 2016
Foster School of Business, University of Washington


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