– The Art of the next sell

So I was browsing online for a couple weeks looking for art prints to purchase. I was referred to by a family member and after a couple of days browsing the site was able to find a print that I liked and had it printed large scale on canvas. I was moved to purchase because they had a 35% off sale with an end date only a few days away from expiring. There were many others that I liked but they were relatively expensive so I settled on buying just one.

I set up an account to do the purchase which included getting signed up for future emails from At this point I considered my art shopping done and had no reason to go back to But a couple of days later I was notified of a new and even bigger sale and I was curious as to how much some of the other prints I liked would now cost. Low and behold there were massive discounts on some of the pieces I wanted and I ended up picking up two more pieces.

This really highlights the value of capturing email addresses from your customers because they were able to suck me back into another purchase with nothing more than an email highlighting the sale.



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