Dresslily.com – Dress to Express

My wife recently purchased clothes from dresslily.com. She had not heard of this website and stumbled upon it through a Facebook sponsored ad. Since she had been searching for dresses online, I imagine that Facebook got its cue from her browsing history.

As she recalls, ‘Free worldwide shipping’ and starting price of ‘as low as $10’ on seemingly highly quality dresses made her click through the ad. Although, as she discovered later, none of the dresses she was looking for were “as low as $10” but the website did a good job at presenting her lots of relevant options to pick from and she did end up making a purchase.

The time elapsed between discovering the website and finally making a purchase was approximately a couple of days. Ultimately, it boiled down to discount and free shipping.

It’s safe to say that my wife wouldn’t have stumbled upon dresslily.com if it wasn’t for their Facebook Ad campaign.


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