FIFA 15: Feel the game

A product that was recently introduced to me via online advertising was the videogame FIFA 15. I own the 2014 version of the game but I had not really thought about purchasing the new installment in the series until I watched some commercials about it and did some research. I was watching soccer match highlights on YouTube and a FIFA 15 commercial about the new goalkeeper animations in the game came up. I watched the commercial and became interested. I did some research online, and checked which teams were in the game, what leagues had been included, etc. Next, I read a review of the game on GameSpot. A few days later I turned on my Xbox and saw an ad for the game’s demo on one of the tiles in the dashboard. I downloaded the demo, played it, and really enjoyed the experience. It was similar to the 2014 version but had some subtle, yet great improvements. I purchased the game shortly after that (about a month after I initially learned about it).

One of the main aspects that moved me from awareness to purchase was the fact that some of friends bought the game as soon as it came out, and told me about their experience with it. They really enjoyed it, and told me about some of the features in the game, such as the great online match experience. I also had the opportunity to visit one of my friends and played a few matches on his Xbox. That personal experience and the reliable information from my friends were important in convincing me to purchase the product.

In conclusion, the timing and context of the advertising (the ad played when I was watching soccer match highlights), and reaching the customer through relevant channels (online ads on related websites/videos, game console ads, etc.), are important factors in helping a customer go from awareness to purchase.


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