GoldieBlox: More than just a toy

About two years ago, as I was browsing through my Twitter feed, a new product caught my eye in a major way. The product was GoldieBlox, a fresh new toy concept to engage young girls in engineering concepts. At the time, the company was advertising for its Kickstarter campaign to help bring GoldieBlox from prototype to reality.

I was immediately interested in the product, as it resonated with me on a personal level. As a female engineer, I loved the idea of taking the building toys market—often associated exclusively with boys—and turning it on its head to not only include girls, but to develop a product that is uniquely designed for girls. Their mission to “get girls building” and to help level the STEM playing field was one I could get behind. They had me hooked as a fan, but I did not purchase the product at the time, as I did not know any young girls for which to buy the toy. Instead, I continued to follow and support the trajectory of GoldieBlox, ranging from engaging with the company on social media to voting for GoldieBlox in a contest to win a commercial aired during the Superbowl, which they won.

Fast forward a year and a half later, when I needed a birthday present for my 4-year-old niece. Excited that she was finally old enough for GoldieBlox, I ordered one of the building sets for her and watched happily as she opened the gift and began to play with it. GoldieBlox is truly a purchase that I can feel good about, as it is a fun toy for young girls that also helps them develop concepts in building, hopefully inspiring many young girls to pursue careers in engineering. I hope to have many more occasions for which to purchase GoldieBlox!


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