Spotify – Playing the right chords

I had heard about Spotify from way back in India. However, since the service was not available in the country at that time I never got the chance to use it. Due to my passion for music and the tremendous amount of time I used to spend to maintain a good personal music library, I was confident that the company’s implementation of a curated, cloud music service would be something that I would readily pay for, provided it was affordable.

It took me well over a year to try out Spotify’s service. I attribute this extended delay primarily because of the lack of availability of the service in my location. Had I reached US earlier, I believe I would have tried out Spotify service much earlier. So when I reached US I readily signed up for their free service and was immediately hooked as I regularly used it during workouts or transits. The ideal mix of usability, convenience, utility and the exposure to more diverse music was what made me fall in love with the service. But as I was a student, I was not ready to shell out $10 for their premium add free service and though inconvenient at times because of the lack of a lot of flexibility, made to do with their ad fueled free service. I finally bought an year long subscription to the service mostly owing to a 50% student discount offer that Spotify offered.

I do not believe that Spotify employed or as a matter of fact, needed to employ any kind of extra ordinary or revolutionary marketing techniques to gain traction. This was mostly because their business and their service were something a large majority of the people understood. Further, the problem the company was trying to solve was something any one who ever listened to music could relate to. Though endorsements by certain leading music artists helped their cause, I believe it was the company’s focus on delivering a great product, solving a real problem and maintaining excellent user engagement that made me and a lot of others take the step to pay for their premium service. I would end by saying that Spotify just played the right chords and are continuing to do that even now.



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