Targeted Marketing using Social Media – Jimdo

I was using Facebook application on my iPhone. As we know, between the posts in the feed, Facebook shows advertisements of apps which look like a feed. I generally skip those.

But this ad just stopped my scroll and forced me to click. The ad is about a website creation tool on mobile. The app name is “Jimdo”. The ad is clear and crisp about the functionality. I just downloaded the app. Though it is a free app, I would term this whole transaction as a purchase.

I downloaded the app and started using it. It offers in-app purchases. The product isn’t intuitive enough to make any purchase thereafter.


The reason I chose this “product” was I recently created a page on Facebook and collected some 30 likes by requesting friends. But I still didn’t buy a website and the website field I need to fill on the Facebook page is left blank which made easy for specific targeted marketing for this company Jimdo. Facebook offered me this app telling I can create a website. This is pretty impressive stuff from Jimdo.




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