Use of ridesharing services such as Lyft, Sidecar, and Uber have become popular ways of transportation around the city. I was first introduced to Uber through a friend who suggested it as an alternative for taxi cabs (which are not nearly as present as the last city in which I lived – Boston). Thought I didn’t immediately download the Uber’s phone app, I was intrigued by the concept of ridesharing and noted when many of my friends would use the service to get around town.

About a year ago, I was forwarded an email from a friend regarding Uber’s kitten campaign. In October, for National Cat Day, Uber was delivering kittens for $15 to customers. This piqued my interest enough to download the app, and familiarize myself with the user interface. The creativity of their campaign struck me as fascinating – Uber was demonstrating their service while delivering a 20-min session with kittens to potential future customers.

Despite being very interested (and entertained) by Uber’s marketing campaign, my first use of their product was this past summer. While out of town on a vacation in a big city, I realized I was unfamiliar with the best ways around town and found the thought of calling or hailing a taxi as enough of a hurdle to try out the Uber app. I found the app extremely simple to navigate, realized I was able to get fare quotes on rides, and could track how long it took a driver to reach me. The experience was uncomplicated and easy, and while on the ride I learned about Uber’s package of services – UberX, UberSUV, etc. Overall I believe Uber’s creative marketing campaign piqued enough curiosity in customers to warrant downloading the app (oftentimes the biggest hurdle in adopting an app/platform), opening the door to using their service.


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