Mountain Collective Pass

The Mountain Collective Ski Pass first popped up on my Facebook feed a few years ago, as a product that had been “liked” by several friends. Around the same time it was featured on a ski blog that I followed. This multi-channel advertising strategy must have been working well, because by the end of the season I had even heard ski friends discussing it. However as someone who is always interested in cheap ski tickets, I didn’t feel need to drop $400 on a pass for only two days at multiple resorts when I already had a full season pass to a local mountain.

Now that I’m in a new city and don’t have a local mountain worth buying a pass at, my purchasing preferences have changed. This past year several of my friends bought the Mountain Collective passes and used them to meet me at Whistler for a weekend trip, as well as a Utah trip. They also used the passes on several other trips to Wyoming and California. With trips like that being dangled in front of my nose (and paraded on Facebook), finding a cheap way to hit the slopes in multiple places started to sound a lot more appealing. On our final trip, with my pass-holding friends egging my on, I made the decision to purchase the pass for the 2014-15 season. While coercion from my friends played a big part in my decision, the most attractive part was the early-bird incentive offered by M.C.–a third day at a mountain of my choice. With that extra day, the math easily worked out. Just don’t count plane tickets.


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