Surface Pro 3

I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I initially heard about the product by word of mouth which led me to pay more attention to online advertisements of the product. I knew that I needed to purchase a smaller computer to use on the go, and also wanted to own a tablet.

Initially I was not too keen at looking at the Surface, for the lack of intuitiveness of Microsoft latest operating system. However, after hearing from my friends about the Surface features, I purposely sought online advertisements to learn more about the product, to understand if the product fitted my needs and if I was going to be as productive with the tablet as I was with my laptop PC.

What I truly needed was a tablet that replaced my laptop. This commercial triggered my interest:

It took me about 5 months between when I started to look at the product and the time I purchased the product. When I am looking to buy a new device/product, I often wait a good amount of time to be sure that the product I am about to purchase is the right product for me.

During that time, I looked at the competition and sought further feedback from users; I also looked at blogs and read about users comments. Because I had set into my mind that I wanted to purchase a new device, the permanent presence of Microsoft Surface advertisements and commercials ingrained in me the superiority, from a productive perspective, of the Surface compared to its competitive products.

Permanently seeing advertisement about the Surface Pro 3, definitely convinced me that it was the right device to purchase.

Other forms of marketing that made me purchase this product were commercials about applications or tools that the device offered such as MS office.


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