Retention and Referral: Happy Bruno, All-inclusive Dog Services

PRODUCT: Happy Bruno (, a dog care center with hotel, sitter, grooming and veterinarian services in Monterrey Mexico, my hometown.

In Mexico we are no so advance as in the U.S. to have for our dog necessities and as a dog-father of two (I don’t like the word dog owner), I’m really concerned were to leave my dogs when I travel, like right now that I’m in my exchange program since my landlord doesn’t allow pets in the building.

What about the product makes you a repeat customer (emotional attachment, quality of service, price.)

Communication/Emotional Attachment: As a dog-father you are always concern about the wellbeing of your dogs and Happy Bruno’s team always makes sure that you feel relief since they receive your dogs by greeting them at the entrance by your dog’s name first and then they approach you. Also every time they talk about dogs is with very detailed caring and loving language about them and with a smile and their social media tools have this language too, they call every dog by their name and when in plural they refer to them as their friends or special guests.

Service: As mentioned before, their service is always personalized by knowing every dog’s name and peculiarities by heart, plus they have a digital database for them to remind you about your dog’s vaccination and grooming dates or they just even write to say Hi! And check how everything is doing without pushing an offer or discount.

Also they area 24/7 business with a full staff of veterinarians and dog specialist always monitoring their guest behavior and health so at the end of the stay they tell you everything they did and how they behave plus their recommendations to keep a good behavior. Also while you are away they send you weekly reports and pictures of your dogs for you not to worry.

Network (Honesty): When they aren’t able to do something for your or they recognize they don’t have the capabilities they have a wide network of other specialist for you to contact and fulfill that need with no extra fee of benefit for them. I consider this really honest and is something I haven’t seen in other business in this industry.

Price: All dogs’ services in Mexico are really expensive, but when they recognize a frequent client, as myself they give you perks like discounts, free grooming services whenever I need it and other things without an expiration date which it is awesome.

Safety: All the qualities mentioned before end up in a safety state of mind for the dog-father and tranquility to know your dog will be well taken care of, which for me is really important.

How does the company stay in touch with you in order to stay connected?

Digital Database: Personalized dog database assisting dog-fathers on their dog’s vaccination dates and other services or needs.

Facebook: Showing how dogs enjoy their stay at Happy Bruno and sharing content about dogs enjoying life (videos, pictures and info). All these with their core message “We Love Dogs”.

Email: Detailing your dog stay while you are away, like who he/she plays with and what he eat. They also use email just to check how your dogs are behaving while at home and just to say Hi!.

WhatsApp: This is their latest add on, they use it to share personalized videos, pictures and urgent info about the dogs and their dog-fathers. I really love this one!

What ways does the company give you to tell others about the product?

Facebook: They Facebook content is really helpful for you to share and for them to acquire new costumers. Their simple message is always well received among new customers and easy to relate and share.

Network: The previous mentioned Network that they have has allow them to earn respect in the dog community back in Monterrey since I have friends that have find out about them through this channel.

User referrals (quality service): I consider Word of Mouth a really strong weapon and in Mexico where digital tools are way behind the U.S. even more. As a Happy Bruno users I have recommend it to many friends and they always tell me that they find it funny how passionate I talk about Happy Bruno’s highly detailed services but that awkwardness fades away when they experience the service and them to start to refer others about them.


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